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October, 29, Cologne. New Vice President IOB

October 29, 2015 (Cologne, Germany)
New Board member
Stefan Meier, landscape architect and swimming pond planner from Spain, is the new Vice President of the IOB. His election was unanimous on the Annual General Meeting of IOB in Cologne.

Nature and art – Lyrics by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Nature and art – translation by John Irons

Nature and art, they seem to shun each other
Yet in a trice can draw back close once more;
The aversion’s gone too that I felt before,
Both equally attract me, I discover.

An honest effort’s all that we require!
Only when we’ve assigned art clear-cut hours,
With full exertion of our mental powers,
Is nature free our hearts once more to inspire.

Such is the case with all forms of refinement:
In vain will spirits lacking due constraint
Seek the perfection of pure elevation.

He who’d do great things must display restraint;
The master shows himself first in confinement,
And law alone can grant us liberation.